She’s Taking Her 12-Year-Old Sister On Her Honeymoon With Her And Now Her Parents Are Threatening To Not Come To Her Wedding

A 36-year-old woman is going to be getting married pretty soon to her 38-year-old fiancé, and she’s planning on taking her 12-year-old sister with them on their honeymoon.

When her little sister was just 5, she was diagnosed as having several chronic physical illnesses, autism, ADHD, and a sensory processing disorder.

A year after her parents received the news of her diagnosis, they stopped being able to deal with their own daughter.

She stepped up to the plate along with her fiancé (they were just boyfriend and girlfriend at the time) and made the decision to adopt her.

Her wedding is set to happen at the end of July, and then she’s heading off to Hawaii for her honeymoon.

She will be gone for a week, and She’s really struggling to find someone to take care of her baby sister.

She even thought to ask her fiancé’s parents if they could babysit her, but they declined. Instead, they said they would give her money to take her sister on the honeymoon with her, and they also offered to cover the costs of her childcare.

“We thought about it for a while and decided to take her,” she explained.

“She’s so excited for the trip and the hotel has an amazing daycare that she can go to when my fiancé and I need some time away from her.”

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