6 Years Ago She Was Found Murdered In Her Bathtub With Burning Hot Water Running Over Her And Her Killer Has Yet To Be Caught

Superintendent Chitwood pointed out that whoever killed Markia had to have known her, and they had not forced their way into her apartment.

As for Markia’s cause of death, it was later determined to be due to “blunt and sharp force head injuries complicated by immersion and extensive scald burns.”

A friend of Markia’s mentioned on Reddit that authorities first questioned an ex of hers as a person of interest, but that never ended up going anywhere after his alibi checked out and his DNA was found inconclusive in regards to what was recovered from the crime scene.

“There was a creepy neighbor that she spoke with numerous people about who worked with computers or surveillance but they quickly questioned him and he moved out of the apartment the following day,” Markia’s friend said.

“He was creepy enough for her to want to move and try to avoid staying at her home.”

Markia’s friend additionally revealed that Markia’s killer could have been inside of her apartment for hours that morning, and they had to have had a key to her place since they then locked it from the outside door after leaving.

Upper Darby Police Department; pictured above Markia smiles

A day after Markia’s murder, the Upper Darby Police Department took to Facebook to plead with the public to help them with leads.

“Can we, PLEASE, as a community get justice for Markia Benson?” the Upper Darby Police Department wrote.

“We need the help of the entire region to provide us with information on the tragic end to this kind, young, professional woman.”

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