After Her Bridezilla Sister Went Back On Letting Her Daughter Be The Flower Girl She Skipped The Wedding

A 28-year-old woman has a 26-year-old younger sister who recently got married, but she skipped out on the wedding after some major drama went down.

She started out by admitting her sister has forever been into perfection…so much so that she could be insufferable to be around.

Despite that, she always did her best to look at things in a positive light and get along with her sister anyway.

Well, back in February, her sister said she wanted her to be a bridesmaid at her wedding, and she also asked that her 4-year-old daughter be the flower girl.

From the get-go, she was on edge about all this because there was no doubt in her mind that her sister was going to be nothing but an enormous bridezilla, especially considering how obsessed with perfection her sister is.

“Over the last few months, we have had to practice multiple dances, pay for very expensive dresses, and put up with her tantrums,” she explained.

“I told her from the start if she was anyway nasty to my child I wouldn’t stand for it she assured me she’d never be nasty towards her “favorite person in the whole world.”

Things started to get weird when she realized that the groom’s 8-year-old cousin was starting to show up at all their dance practices.

She figured her sister was going to make this little girl a flower girl in the wedding along with her toddler daughter, but it turns out, this 8-year-old was really her daughter’s replacement.

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