After This High Schooler Cut Class To Hang Out With Lin-Manuel Miranda, The Hamilton Star Made A Video Apologizing To The Teacher

Roswell, Georgia. Hamilton star Lin-Manuel Miranda recently stopped by the Atlanta area to have lunch with a woman named Tamara Stevens as part of her birthday fundraiser.

Tamara Stevens held the birthday fundraiser in her own backyard, and she let her son Luke cut class that day so he could get to spend time with Lin-Manuel Miranda.

When Tamara told Luke’s history teacher, Ms. Rosner, from Centennial High School the reason why he wasn’t going to be in her class that day, understandably, Luke’s teacher wasn’t quite buying the story.

Luke can’t make it to class because Lin-Manuel Miranda is coming over to have lunch? It sounds completely far-fetched, but it was the total truth! Lin-Manuel decided to help Luke out by making a video with him in which he apologized to Ms. Rosner for Luke’s absence.

“This is Lin-Manuel Miranda, I’m sorry he can’t be in U.S. history class right now but he is with me,” Lin-Manuel explained to Ms. Rosner in his video, with Luke standing over his shoulder.

“We’re gonna go over the Bill of Rights and anything you may be covering, right now.”

“We cover a lot in about two-and-a-half hours of ‘Hamilton,’ but we’re gonna go over it in specifics now. So this is not lost time, thank you for excusing him from class.”

Tamara posted the video to Twitter, saying, “When my son told his US History teacher that he wasn’t gonna be in class yesterday because @Lin_Manuel was having lunch at our home, she didn’t believe him. She does now!”

Twitter; pictured above is Tamara’s tweet

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