Cheerleader & Aspiring Makeup Artist Moves To New York City, Then Vanishes Into Thin Air After Being Pushed Into Trafficking

She ended up being on track to have to complete summer school in her senior year in order to even graduate.

Things were not looking good for her, and they only continued to get worse…

In hindsight, Corinna’s mom realizes her behavior was problematic and telling, but she wasn’t able to recognize the signs for what they were at the time.

Corinna’s relationship with her mom continued to deteriorate. She started spending her summers in Massachusetts with her Aunt Julie, whom she had always been very close to.

Corinna eventually asked her mom if she could move in with her Aunt Julie.

Instagram; Corinna sips a beverage alongside a friend in the above photo

Sabrina agreed to Corinna’s plan, and the move was set to take place over Corinna’s high school winter break.

Julie had no idea, but over the summer, Corinna had gotten into some trouble. Eventually, her sons told her about what Corinna had done and been involved with.

Julie decided she wasn’t going to let Corinna move in with her over winter break since she was out of town and couldn’t keep an eye on her.

She rightfully felt she would need to watch her after learning about her summer antics. So, Corinna’s move-in date was set to occur in January, when Julie was home.

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