Her Ex Has Been Using Her Niece To Spy On Her And She’s Telling The Internet He Was Paying Her Niece To Do It

A woman pretty recently broke things off with her now ex after she learned she was pregnant and he acted poorly about the news.

Since she and her ex lived together when she broke up with him, she had to obviously move out, and so her brother let her live with him and his family in the meantime.

“My pregnancy has been extremely rough, and my ex wouldn’t leave me alone so my sister-in-law insisted I stay with them for the duration of my pregnancy so that they could make sure I was okay,” she explained.

She moved in with her brother, his wife, and their 15-year-old daughter, Amelia. Now, she was always extremely tight with Amelia as she babysat her frequently as a child.

Little did she know, as soon as she moved in with her brother and his family, Amelia began gathering information on her and texting it to her ex.

Eventually, her sister-in-law discovered what Amelia was doing, and told her all about it. She confronted Amelia and wanted to know why she was doing this.

Amelia sobbed as she defended her actions, saying that she had heard her say to her brother and sister-in-law that she was missing her ex.

Apparently, her ex had turned around and told Amelia he missed her and was concerned about her and their unborn baby, so he convinced Amelia to help him out by spying.

When her brother found out about Amelia’s spying, he was beyond angry and demanded that she let them all see her phone and the information she had shared.

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