His Wife Was Rude To His Best Friend’s Fiancée And Because Of Her Behavior She Got Uninvited From The Wedding

A 36-year-old man and his 35-year-old wife recently went on vacation with his 36-year-old best friend Matt, and his 24-year-old fiancée Rachel.

Rachel is basically drop-dead gorgeous, and she does modeling, which his wife seems to feel extremely threatened by.

“My wife is less conventionally attractive but I fell in love with her for her humor and good spirit which I personally find more attractive than good looks,” he explained.

“Recently I’ve noticed my wife making a lot of comments about Rachel calling her an airhead and just being kind of mean.”

His wife normally makes her nasty remarks to just him, and when she does say these things, he puts her in her place and tries to get her to stop being so mean about Rachel.

Then, his wife started making her comments in public places, and he’s felt awkward about calling her out because he knows doing so will definitely end in embarrassment for her.

Anyway, this all became an enormous problem a week ago when he and his wife went on vacation with Rachel and Matt. It was supposed to be a good time for everyone, but his wife really ruined it.

While on vacation, they went out for dinner one evening, and the topic of conversation turned to the economy.

Out of nowhere, his wife told Rachel she could be a part of the discussion “once the smart people are done.” His wife then started laughing at what she said, but nobody else found her comment funny at all.

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