She Told Her Sister She Could Borrow Grandma’s Expensive Necklace She Inherited For Her Wedding But Her Sister Is Pissed She Can’t Keep It

A 34-year-old woman has a 32-year-old sister who is going to be getting married shortly. The ceremony is going to be very small, with less than 10 people.

Due to the fact that isn’t difficult to travel right now, her sister decided a small ceremony is a great option until travel is more feasible, at which point she will have a bigger wedding.

Several weeks ago, her sister sent her a text with ideas for how she would like the wedding to look, and this woman thought that she had the perfect piece of jewelry to go with her sister’s wedding dress.

She inherited an expensive necklace from their grandma, and she offered to let her sister borrow the necklace and wear it for the upcoming wedding.

Her sister was thrilled and wanted to try the necklace on beforehand. Then, her sister came over to her house, ended up trying on the necklace, and fell in love with it pretty much.

Her sister then brought up the fact that she might want to wear the necklace when she gets married, to which she replied she didn’t mind her sister would be the one wearing it before her.

“She got really angry then and said that if she wore it at her wedding, the necklace would then be hers,” she said.

“I have to admit, I was really taken aback and didn’t know what to say. I think I said something like “oh I thought you were just borrowing it” and she told me that it was insane I’d tell her she could wear the necklace at her wedding and not give it to her to keep.”

Now, she completely wants to keep this necklace and was planning on being able to enjoy it for basically the rest of her life.

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