She Used Her Ex’s Credit Card To Buy Her Sister A Wedding Dress

One woman says that she recently split with her ex, and they are expecting their first child together.

Apparently, her ex had an absolutely awful reaction to her telling him that she was pregnant, and then they had a pretty ugly breakup following all of that.

Her ex had then given her a credit card, and he explained that she could buy whatever she wanted on it, and he really did mean what he said.

“I told him I didn’t want or need his money since this all happened after a very bad breakup and after his initial horrible reaction to my pregnancy news,” she said.

“He has consistently tried to get me to use his money since. I’ve joked a few times with him about buying lots of expensive things so that he regrets it, but he has always told me to do it, but I never have.”

bertys30 –

Well, her stepsister and her sister are each going to tie the knot shortly, and their parents generously offered to pay for their wedding dresses, but they did set an amount they were willing to spend.

Her sister selected a wedding dress that was not close to the budget their parents laid out for her, and she was heartbroken over not being able to afford it.

Her solution to her sister’s wedding dress dilemma?

She whipped out the credit card her ex had given to her and paid for her sister’s dress in full.

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