She’s Getting Married In A Month And Her Best Friend Just Revealed He’s In Love With Her

A woman is getting married in a month, and she didn’t even need to make it to the altar before someone objected.

She has a best friend named Charles that has been in her life since she was 16-years-old. They’re extremely close, they have a lot of similarities, and they’re really wonderful friends.

“We dated briefly in our mid-twenties for a couple of months, but ended it after we both agreed that we were much better off as friends and that ultimately, we had different life goals i.e: he didn’t want marriage, I did,” she explained.

After they decided it was better to not be romantically involved, they continued on as just friends, and it worked out great.

Charles even went on to seriously date someone else, and she did too. Several years ago, she met her fiancé, Arnold.

Arnold knows that she and Charles are very close, and Arnold actually likes Charles a lot as well.

To make sure Arnold has always been comfortable with the relationship she has had with Charles, she would always make sure to do certain things.

For example, she has given Arnold permission to look at any of the messages between her and Charles if he wanted to, and she always would spend time with Charles in a public space, or she would meet up with him with Arnold so that they were never by themselves.

Several days ago, she was chatting with Charles through FaceTime when he dropped a pretty big bomb on her.

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