Her Mother-In-Law Smeared Fake Blood All Over Her Wedding Dress And Wore It As A Halloween Costume So She’s Uninviting Her To The Wedding

Apparently, several of her friends made negative statements about her mother-in-law, which her mother-in-law heard.

Her mother-in-law proceeded to trash-talk her to the whole family, she confronted her about it, and then they got into a blow-out argument.

Her mother-in-law insisted she hated her guts and would never speak to her as long as she lived.

“I contacted her multiple times about my dress, but I think she blocked my number,” she explained.

“Last night I got a call from one of my friends, who saw MIL at a Halloween party, wearing my wedding gown covered in fake blood.”

“She had a tiara, so I guess she was Carrie or something. My fiancé called her but she did not answer. He left her a furious voicemail, but she never called back.”

She spent the remainder of her evening sobbing, and she didn’t even feel like celebrating Halloween.

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“Today I decided she absolutely can’t be at the wedding,” she said. “My fiancé looked heartbroken when I said it but said he fully understands and supports me.”

Her fiancé sent a text to his mom to say she was no longer invited to the wedding, and then he sent a message to his mom’s husband to make it entirely clear.

Not everyone agrees with her uninviting her mother-in-law to their wedding, and some of her loved ones are concerned her fiancé might end up being bitter over this in the end.

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