A Stranger Took A Pregnancy Test In Her Bathroom And She’s Asking The Internet If She’s The Worst For Pointing Out That It Really Wasn’t A Pregnancy Test

As everyone took their seats to eat lunch, Sasha turned to her and mentioned that she hoped she didn’t care that she had used one of her pregnancy tests.

She was bewildered by what Sasha said to her, since she did not have any pregnancy tests in her bathroom, or really anywhere in her home.

She then asked Sasha if she was talking about a blue-colored box that she kept in the back of a drawer that Sasha clearly had to have been digging through.

“She seemed to realize I was pointing out that she basically snooped and sheepishly said the box said pregnancy for pregnancy test,” she continued.

“I said Sasha, the brand is Pregmate and those are ovulation tests. I do not own pregnancy tests. Did you take an ovulation test?”

Now, Sasha’s husband Doug jumped in. He completely flipped out on her for insinuating Sasha was stupid.

He said that Sasha can clearly read, and then he told Sasha to go get the test to prove that she was pregnant.

“Sasha refused saying she didn’t need to prove anything to a complete stranger and insisted they leave immediately,” she explained.

Well, they did leave, and now she’s left with a complete mess. One couple that she is friends with thought the whole situation that went down with Doug and Sasha was insane.

Three of the couples felt she should have asked to talk to Sasha privately and should have told her she didn’t take a pregnancy test that way. They thought she was a jerk for announcing it to Sasha in front of everyone.

“The whole thing was bizarre and confusing,” she concluded. “I just didn’t have time to put the pieces together mentally before asking about the ovulation tests.”

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