Her Friends Hang Out With The Guy Who Stalks And Harasses Her So She’s Asking The Internet If It’s Worth Losing Her Friends Over

“I had a stalker over 10 years ago (an ex). If anyone I considered a friend (or a relative) acted like your “friends” did about him, they would have been out of my life permanently, and quickly.”

“You don’t put someone you consider a friend in this position. None of them deserve your forgiveness or your friendship. Dump them all so you can find friends who actually deserve you.”

“Also…rom someone who’s been there, please consider looking in to the option of getting yourself legal protection from this person because dealing with this for 2 years is 2 years too long, and before his behavior escalates any further.”


“If they cared about you at all they’d be hearing what you’re saying, not ghosting you for not wanting to be around some emotionally irrational guy that has a fantasy relationship with you.”


“They are not your friends, friends do not dismiss your lived negative experience to make room for their own convenience.”

“Those people do not respect you, block them all and cut them out of your life, if you set the precedent that’s it’s okay for them to tell you how to feel about things you went through just because you’re afraid of losing them, you’ll end up letting people walk all over your feelings your whole life every time you’re afraid of losing someone.”

“If they were really your friends they would have told your harasser when he “apologized” to them that the apology wasn’t theirs to receive or accept because you’re the one he hurt and made feel uncomfortable.”

“You didn’t have a friendship with them, you had an arrangement of convenience, that’s why they ditched you the moment it got inconvenient for them. You’re better off without them, you’ll make real friends, just give yourself time.”


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