Her Sister-In-Law’s Best Friend Tried To Sleep With Her Husband So She Banned The Friend From Her House But Now She’s Telling The Internet She May Have Ruined Everything

A 23-year-old woman is married to her 24-year-old husband, and it used to just be the two of them under one roof.

Her husband has a sister who is one year older than him, and not only is he super close to his sister; she is too. She really feels her sister-in-law is more like an actual sister to her at this point.

Anyway, her sister-in-law was engaged up until not that long ago.

Unfortunately, her sister-in-law’s fiancé called the wedding off at the very last minute, and since her sister-in-law was then left without a home, they let her live with them.

Her sister-in-law frequently has her friends over to the house, and that wasn’t an issue for her at first, but then she started having problems with her sister’s 24-year-old friend.

This friend pretty much stays in her sister-in-law’s bedroom and won’t come out, unless her husband is around.

“I have noticed though, that when my husband is out and she comes out of the attic, she would wear big hoodies and long baggy pants, but as soon as my husband comes back she’ll go back up to the attic and come back wearing booty shorts and a basically transparent shirt which shows everything,” she explained.

“I thought I was overreacting and didn’t do anything about it, but the other day my husband came to me shaking.”

“When I asked him what was wrong he basically cried to me that he felt extremely uncomfortable and angry. When I asked for a reason he said that every time SILs friend comes over she literally flirts none stop with him when no one is around.”

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