Her Sister-In-Law’s Best Friend Tried To Sleep With Her Husband So She Banned The Friend From Her House But Now She’s Telling The Internet She May Have Ruined Everything

“Once apparently she even took off her pants and when he told her not to she said that she just needed some air.”

Her sister-in-law’s friend has also tried to hold her husband’s hand.

She sat down with her husband and had a discussion about this friend’s behavior, and they decided that this friend was going to be banned from their house.

She shared this news with her sister-in-law, who absolutely lost it. Her sister-in-law accused her husband of being attracted to her friend, before accusing both of them of being sexist.

She’s worried that she has destroyed the relationship she had with her sister-in-law, and she feels upset about banning the friend in the first place because that woman was a huge part of her sister-in-law’s life.

Her sister-in-law’s friend also did a lot to help her through the difficult parts of her life that popped up recently, and she’s concerned that she took away that system of support.

Here’s what the internet had to say.

“Yeah, no means no, is universal.”


“Your husband is being sexually harassed in his own home, which is horrifically damaging to not have a safe space. Tell SIL to hit the road if she’s upset.”

“This is not some odd case of misread signals. Her weird…married man hunting friend is not worth your husband’s mental health.”

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