She Picked Her Twins Up From School And Was Walking Them Home When Her Ex Shot Then Killed Her

“I’m suffering today,” Sykea’s dad, Joseph Patton explained. “I lost my daughter because of senseless gun violence. She didn’t deserve what happened to her. No woman deserves that.”

NBC10 went on to say that 240 women have been shot in Philadelphia this year alone, and 61 of those women were killed.

“The gun violence in this city, this has to stop. You know this has to stop,” Joseph continued. “I’m 60-years-old and they’re killing women and children every day here in the city.

There’s no respect, and there’s no love for nobody no more. We can’t live like this as a people, we have to do better.”

“Something has to change. Something has to change. It’s crazy. I’m burying my daughter this week.”

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