She Pretty Much Went Out Of Her Way To Destroy Her Sister’s Whole Experience Shopping For A Wedding Dress, Leaving Her Sister And Mom In Tears

This spring, her younger 24-year-old sister got engaged to her 27-year-old fiancé, and the couple is in the middle of planning their upcoming wedding.

As soon as her sister announced that she got engaged, her parents were thrilled.

“I have overheard my mom offering opinions on the wedding details,” she said. “It hurts because she was so disconnected from my wedding planning.”

When her dad heard the news that her sister wanted him to walk her down the aisle, he started tearing up and he also cried when her sister discussed the rest of the plans for the wedding day.

In contrast, she feels her dad showed no emotion when she asked if he would be the one to walk her down the aisle, and she feels “cheated.”

She did acknowledge that her mom and dad are both accepting of the fact that she married a woman, and they’re always kind to her wife.

“…But I feel like I missed out on the full wedding planning experience because they weren’t excited that I was marrying a woman,” she continued.

“It hurts me so much every time my dad talks about hanging out with my sisters’ fiancé and how emotional he gets when he talks about her getting married and what a huge milestone it is for the family.”

She thinks her mom and dad are only joyful over her sister’s wedding and thinks they were not for her own one.

Not that long ago, she accompanied her sister to shop for a wedding dress, and their mom was there too.

While her sister was looking through the dresses, she pretty nastily pointed out everything she liked looked exactly the same.

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