She Ruined Shopping For Her Sister-In-Law’s Wedding Dress But All She Was Trying To Do Was Stick Up For Her

One woman has a 26-year-old brother who is getting married soon to his fiancée, 29-year-old Lily. She adores Lily and thinks she is wonderful.

“She’s very… demure,” she explained about Lily. “She lets her mother walk all over her and says nothing.”

“I didn’t know about monster mama until last week, and by God did I find out quick! Let’s just say, where Lily is quiet, I am NOT.”

“Last week Lily, me and her master, I mean mother, went dress shopping. She and my brother wanted one of our family to go and I was the obvious pick.”

Lily did want everyone to weigh in on dress options, but it wasn’t long before it become obvious that Lily and her mom had completely opposite tastes in the wedding dresses.

Lily’s mom was really into the mermaid-style wedding dresses, but Lily really did not like that style.

Lily’s mom demanded that she try on a mermaid dress, and Lily wasn’t into the dress because she thought it made her arms look bad.

This woman decided to speak up and say that Lily should try on a dress that was fitted in the hips since that seemed to be a great style to flatter Lily’s curvy body.

Lily picked out another dress that did flatter her waistline, and Lily loved it, however, Lily’s mom said in front of everyone that she thought Lily looked fat.

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