She Wants To Uninvite Her Teen Cousin From Her Wedding Because Of Her Autism

“She liked a beautiful lace dress, but I preferred a simpler one and she lost it again,” she said.

“She almost cost my aunt 15K because she went after some of the dress. After cooling down I sat my aunt down and I told her that unfortunately, Meli wasn’t allowed to come to the wedding anymore and that my fiancé agreed to have a smaller celebration so she wouldn’t feel left out, but that I hoped that she understood it.”

She wasn’t willing to risk Meli ruining her wedding day, which she felt was highly probable. Aunt Lila agreed with her wishes, however, Meli’s dad thinks she’s a horrible person for uninviting Meli.

Meli’s dad also said that she’s “jealous” of the fact that Meli is her aunt’s biological child and she’s not.

“He told my grandparents about it and they agreed that I must be acting out of jealousy because Meli isn’t ”that bad” since she’s not like this all the time and they’re demanding that I invite her back but I refused,” she concluded.

How would you deal with this?

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