Her Boyfriend’s Mom Wants To Pass Down To Her The Engagement Ring Her Boyfriend’s Brother’s Ex-Wife Wore For 3 Years

A 26-year-old woman has been dating her 30-year-old boyfriend Adam for the past 4 years now. She isn’t super close with his family, but she did happen to be close with her boyfriend’s brother’s ex-wife.

Anyway, when her boyfriend’s brother proposed to his ex-wife, he did it with an engagement ring that her boyfriend’s mom gave to him.

The ring is extremely important to her boyfriend’s family and it has been a long-standing tradition in their family to pass the ring down.

Since her boyfriend doesn’t have any sisters in his family, his mom decided to let her boyfriend’s brother use the ring for his proposal.

Her boyfriend’s brother’s ex wore the ring for 3 years, then after they got divorced, the ring was returned to her boyfriend’s mom.

“Now since everyone knows that Adam and I are planning to make our relationship official and pursue marriage which is our goal, his mother suggested he propose with her engagement ring that my BIL already proposed with to his now ex,” she explained.

“Adam was excited with the idea but I was uncomfortable solely by the fact that this ring was proposed with more than once and also it belonged to my former SIL for years and she had memories attached to it.”

“I feel like that ring already had more than one love story and I feel I have the right to wear a ring that represents our relationship and one that belongs to me and Adam.”

When she made it clear to her boyfriend’s mom that she does not want to wear that hand-me-down ring, her boyfriend’s mom got extremely upset.

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