Scott Peterson Avoided The Death Penalty, But Today He Was Resentenced To Life Behind Bars

The prosecution also suspected Scott’s financial problems and the fact that he didn’t want to be a dad (he had said that to Amber) also were motives for Laci and Conner’s murders.

There was no physical evidence, but there was plenty of circumstantial evidence:

Scott was caught near the Mexican border when he was arrested, and he had $15,000 in cash, four cellphones, rope, several credit cards, camping gear, knives, an ID that was not his, and clothes. He had also dyed his beard and hair blonde.

Scott said Laci was watching a show about cooking on December 24th when Scott said he left their house. He told authorities it was one show, but that show had not been on TV on the 24th…it had aired the 23rd.

Every single day Laci put on a sapphire ring, her wedding band, and a diamond necklace that she never left home without. When she went missing, all of her jewelry had been left behind at her home.

YouTube; Laci and Scott are pictured above together

Scott had told authorities he went fishing when Laci disappeared, and the tarp he had used in his fishing boat was coated in gasoline, which is known to ruin DNA. He also said he stopped fishing that day because it rained, but that was not true. It never rained that day where he was at the Berkeley Marina.

Scent dogs had been used at the Berkeley Marina, where they reportedly picked up the scent of Laci. It was also not far from the marina where Laci’s remains were recovered. On November 12, 2004, a jury found Scott guilty of Laci and Conner’s murders.

California Department Of Corrections; Scott is pictured above in a mugshot

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