She’s A 40 DDD And Suffering From Constant Back Pain So Now She’s Looking To Get A Breast Reduction For Her Birthday

North Bergen, New Jersey. A young woman named Becca living in North Bergen, New Jersey, celebrated her 26th birthday two days ago.

Her birthday wish is to be able to afford a breast reduction. As a professional choreographer and dancer with a 40 DDD chest, Becca suffers from constant back pain and a reduction is the only way to solve this problem.

“Earlier this year in March, I finally took the steps to get a breast reduction,” Becca wrote on a GoFundMe page.

“I had my consultation, I spoke to doctors, went to a chiropractor and a pain management specialist to make sure I got the go-ahead.”

Becca was thrilled to be able to move forward with her surgery, and she booked it to happen on December 15th.

Not long after she booked her surgery, Becca’s insurance company told her that her surgery wasn’t medically necessary, so they were refusing to pay for it.

“This is after going to 3 different doctors, 2 chiropractors (one who exploited me for money), and countless phone calls,” Becca explained.

Although Becca’s doctors called her multiple times a day to try to help her find an alternative way to pay for her surgery, she couldn’t swing the out-of-pocket expenses, and she had to cancel her surgery.

GoFundMe; pictured above is Becca

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