This Bridesmaid Got Uninvited To Her Friend’s Wedding Because She Looked Too Good In The Dress The Bride Picked For Her To Wear

On Tik Tok, Alena shared her friendship heartbreak with a short video. “My close friend uninvited me to her wedding because she thought I looked too good in the dress SHE picked out for me.”

In the video, Alena showed off the fabulous look she’d planned and never got to wear.

Most commenters told her she looked incredible and that the bride shouldn’t have mistreated her. Also, why didn’t the bride just suggest a different dress?

She shared a follow-up video with screenshots from their text messages. The texts were in German, but she provided a translation in the post’s comments.

“First screenshot is the bride uninviting me after we fought on the phone about the dress because I couldn’t understand why she has a problem with it.”

When she reached out to a mutual friend for support, though, the friend came up with excuses. She said that “the bride is stressed and I have to understand it and says “what do you expect? an apology?”

TikTok; pictured above is Alena in her bridesmaid dress

It seems as though their whole friend group was taking the bride’s side, even though Alena hadn’t done anything upsetting on purpose.

She shared the final blow at the end of the video. “In the third screenshot, I said that it’s about valuing people and that you can’t just uninvite me and leave me like that.”

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