This College Girl’s Friend Stole Her Stuffed Animals From Her Dorm Room Then Donated Them And She’s Asking The Internet If It Was Then Wrong To Refuse To Pay For Dinner Over It

“They’re soft and cute and mean something to you and fuck anyone who tries to shame you for owning them.”


“Man I’m 60 and still have 2 stuffed animals gifted me for my first birthday! My 82-year-old dad has his teddy bear and 81-year-old mom has hers too.”

“Your ex-friend is a jerk for coming into your room and stealing from you. Move on to new friends.”


“This dude is incredibly immature and trying to prove to everyone else how mature he is.”

“If he doesn’t grow out of this he’s going to become one of those insufferable adults that only listens to obscure jazz and complains about anyone who enjoys genre novels.”


“Who died and made him ruler of your life? Who does that!?”

“I mean, if you were petty AF like me… you could always scout his room for PlayStation/Xbox/Wii/Comics/figurines, things that would be considered childish to own, etc. …and pretend to ‘donate’ them to a children’s charity.”

“You don’t really play with these kid’s games/read those comics/like those figurines, do you? I assumed after you donated my belongings you apply the same thought process to your own stuff… and I felt so bad after taking back my stuffed animals, I wanted to give them something in exchange…. you don’t mind do you?”

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