She’s Pretty Sure Her Mother-In-Law Stole Her Wedding Idea So Now They’re Not Speaking To Each Other

Next December, this woman is getting married and was so excited to plan her perfect day. She did not usually get along with her fiancé’s mother, but they made it work in the past.

Now though, the woman believes that her future mother-in-law stole all of her wedding ideas.

“My future mother-in-law has a seventeen-year-old stepdaughter who used to go to an elite charter school,” the woman explained.

“We are in a conservative state, but none of us are politically conservative. Her stepdaughter is a lesbian who has been out for about a year but kept it quiet at school.”

The stepdaughter’s school has a winter formal every year. This year, she decided to ask a girl to the dance.

When the conservative school and PTA heard about it, though, they became outraged.

“The situation got really bad. My mother-in-law’s husband and his ex are currently getting lawyers involved. Her stepdaughter was pulled out of that school, and she did get a lot of support from students. I am totally on her side and have expressed support,” the woman explained.

Out of support, the woman’s mother-in-law decided to throw her stepdaughter a party the same night as the school’s winter formal.

While the woman had absolutely no problem with this, she was shocked when she saw photos from the event.

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