He Banned His Girlfriend’s Friends From His Bar For Causing Issues With His Female Customers And He’s Asking The Internet If He’s Wrong

A 32-year-old man has a 31-year-old girlfriend named Nicky that he’s been dating for a little under 3 years.

They’re not similar at all, but they still have a wonderful relationship even though they’re complete opposites.

Nicky teaches high school art, and he was in finance, but he decided to purchase a bar amid the pandemic and turned that into his job.

“Nicky was very supportive and helped me with designing the bar,” he explained. “The bar has taken off and has sorta become my life as I spend about 60 hours a week here.”

“Nicky would come in after work and bring her work friends with her. I had no problem with this at first as it was nice to have Nicky here and the extra business was nice.”

But then, things began happening with Nicky’s friends.

“Her friends ruin the vibe completely,” he said. “Basically anytime a girl is getting hit on they come running to her side to make sure she’s okay.”

Nicky’s friends feel the need to save every girl in the bar, which wouldn’t bother him if the guy they were interacting with was genuinely creepy, but that’s not the case.

Sometimes girls might chat with a regular customer, and then Nicky’s friends swoop in and insist that she go to the bathroom with them.

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