Her Fiancé Wants Her Ex-Best Friend To Be Invited To Their Wedding But She Does Not Want This Girl There On Her Special Day

A 28-year-old woman is engaged to her 29-year-old fiancé, and they’re going to be getting married soon.

Now, her fiancé has a best friend named Sam that he’s known since he was a kid. For close to two years, Sam has been in a relationship with a girl named Sarah…and Sarah is her ex-best friend.

She and Sarah parted ways before she started dating her fiancé and before Sarah wound up in a relationship with Sam.

“We are now getting married and my fiancé and I cannot agree on whether Sarah should be included in our wedding as Sam’s plus one,” she explained.

“I myself do not want this girl at my wedding.”

“They have been dating for a long time now and our wedding is going to be quite large so I recognize it would be a statement to not extend her an invite.”

“Sam’s parents are also coming to our wedding. I don’t think Sam or his parents would cause a fuss or not attend because of this, I more so bring it up that it further makes it obvious that she intentionally wasn’t included, if we do decide that.”

She does think that if Sarah did come to her wedding, she would not cause a scene and she most likely would be well-mannered towards her so that’s not the issue that she has.

The problem is she just does not want Sarah there for her special day. Sarah really hurt her when they stopped being friends, and she only wants people that adore and support her and her fiancé at the wedding.

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