She Already Adopted One Of Her Sister’s Children And Now That Her Sister Is Pregnant Again She’s Telling The Internet There’s No Way She’s Adopting A Second Baby From Her

A 35-year-old woman adopted her 9-year-old niece from her 26-year-old sister 7 years ago. Her mom and dad have many health problems and were unable to care for her sister’s daughter, so it fell on her to adopt her.

“I love my niece and I will never ever blame her for my sister’s mistakes, but it, unfortunately, uprooted my life,” she explained.

“It caused a significant sidetrack in my career and I’ve had to turn down better job offers even because they wouldn’t allow me to stay close enough to home.”

“My parents love my niece, but cannot take on the responsibility of caring for her so I don’t want to separate them.”

“I had never planned to have children. I even had a boyfriend before I took in my niece, but he also did not want to have children, and we made the decision to part when I took her in.”

She never once lied to her niece about the fact that her sister is really her biological mom, and 3 years ago her sister re-entered their lives.

Her sister had no intention of taking her daughter back since she still can’t afford to care for her at all and is struggling enough to provide for herself.

“My sister acts like an aunt to her daughter, not like a mother, and my niece still loves her mother greatly,” she said.

“This past holiday, we were at my parents to open presents and my sister gave my niece a present to open.”

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