She Was Just 21 When She Was Found Dead In A Motel Room Under Mysterious Circumstances And Her Mom Is Still Fighting For Answers 4 Years Later

A month before Libby’s death, the father of her son choked her so badly that she completely lost consciousness and it was his own stepdad who was able to get him to stop. He also threatened to kill her at that point.

He was there that night when her life tragically ended in room number 319 at the Sports Stadium Motel, located in Independence, Missouri.

“She was found on the bathroom floor wedged between the toilet in the bathtub with her feet propped up on the side of the wall so the door can open and close,” Cindy recalled.

Libby wasn’t alone in that motel room when she died; the father of her son was there, along with his friend.

Cindy pointed out that on the last day of Libby’s life, the father of her son trashed their motel room, left the TV on full volume, and turned off the lights before getting in Libby’s car and leaving the scene.

He then “told a man in the parking lot that his wife killed herself and he needed him to call 911.” Witnesses later saw him and his friend in Libby’s car, leaving the motel.

Witnesses also told police that they heard Libby “begging for her life” in that motel room where she died, and they could hear her “being hit.”

After Cindy got her hands on the police reports, she was shocked to see that the story that the father of Libby’s son told did not match the records she held in her hands. He claimed Libby choked herself with a belt in the bathroom.

“We believe he choked her to death during an argument and then staged that scene to look like a suicide and we believe his friend helped him cover up what truly happened to her in that room that day,” Cindy explained.

Facebook; pictured above is another photo of Libby

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