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After Her Cousin Addressed Her Struggles To Have Children At The Family BBQ, She Couldn’t Stay Silent, And Now Her Family Is Upset She Ruined The Day

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A 36-year-old woman has been struggling to have children for multiple years now, and she was thinking of trying to adopt a child considering she has exhausted all other avenues.

As I’m sure you are aware, adoption is an expensive process, and she and her husband suffered financial hardships 2 years ago that left them in a position where adopting a child is no longer a viable option for them.

“I’ve made peace with this loss (loss of hopes and dreams of being a mom) and have begun a new chapter where I focus on what’s ahead and keep my mental health intact,” she explained.

At a recent family BBQ, her 38-year-old cousin Megan decided to address her struggles to have children in a pretty mean way, and she just couldn’t stay silent amid Megan’s hurtful words.

Megan is married and has 3 children as a backstory for you, and pretty much whenever she spends time with Megan, Megan never misses an opportunity to talk about her struggles to have children.

Megan constantly wants to talk about how she “missed out on being a mom” and it serves no purpose except to remind her “of what could’ve been.”

Megan also has gone so far as to name all of the children she lost and wants to talk about how their lives would have turned out.

In past instances, her mom has stepped in to get Megan to cut it out, as this is incredibly upsetting for her, yet Megan never takes a hint.

Instead, Megan is of the twisted opinion that her behavior will make her feel better about her loss, but it does not do that for her.

Africa Studio – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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