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He Went On A First Date With A Girl Who Didn’t Look Like Her Photos So He Broke Things Off, But Then She Sent Him A Lengthy Text Message That Has Him Questioning If He Handled Things In The Best Way

Flamingo Images - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

Not too long ago, a guy picked up and moved to a different country, and he decided he wanted to give dating a shot in his new area.

He got on a dating app, and he met a girl who seemed to be pretty wonderful. They had a lot of the same interests, and so they exchanged numbers so they could start texting.

He chatted with her via text for 2 weeks before asking her out on a first date. Unfortunately, when he met her for the first time in real life, he noticed she didn’t look like her photos on her dating profile.

“The physical attraction wasn’t there for me,” he explained. “I won’t go into detail but she did not look like how she looked in her profile photos.”

“I know this will sound shallow, but I think that it’s important. But despite my initial feelings, we went on the date and I tried my best to give it a go.”

“I felt terrible the whole time – in my head, I was thinking this girl is perfect. But I knew already she would never be more than a friend.”

He didn’t try to kiss her or anything since he resolved he wasn’t into her at all. As soon as their date was over, she texted him to see if they could go on a second date.

He stopped to consider if he should give her a second chance, but he didn’t want to lead her on so he ended things.

Instead of telling her the real reason as to why he wasn’t interested in her, he just said that he had a nice time on their date but he wasn’t ready to be in a relationship since he hadn’t been in the country for very long.

Flamingo Images – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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