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Her Husband’s 16-Year-Old Sister Wanted To Wear Her Unique Wedding Dress For Her Prom Night And She Refused, So Now Her In-Laws Want Her To Help Pay For The Dress They Had To Buy

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A 25-year-old woman tied the knot with her husband last year. For her wedding, she opted to wear a very unique dress that definitely was outside the norm for what most brides choose for their special day.

“I got a big light yellow dress and a beautiful strappy top with lace,” she explained. “The dress was gorgeous, and of course very expensive. This was definitely my dream dress.”

Now, her husband does have a younger sister who is 16, and his sister’s prom is coming up pretty soon.

While she was at a family dinner the other day with her husband, her husband’s family let it slip that they could not find a prom dress for his sister that didn’t cost an arm or a leg.

She pointed out that her husband’s family isn’t exactly rich, but they are definitely not considered poor either.

So, back to that family dinner; she was shocked that they were complaining about the cost of a prom dress, but she was happy to offer up options they could go with to save money.

She told her in-laws to check online, or at thrift stores, and she personally used to participate in pageants and would resell her dresses after the fact at a great price.

She figured without much looking, they could at least snag someone’s former pageant gown as a great prom dress too.

In response to her great suggestions, her in-laws maintained that they had already looked online and through thrift stores without any luck.

stivog – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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