Here Are All Of The Best Ways To Prevent iPhones From Ruining Your Wedding Ceremony Photos, As Told By A Professional Wedding Planner

Wedding days are stressful enough. You might be worried about your guests finding the venue, being on time, making sure the bridal party is ready to go, or even dealing with some classic family drama.

As if brides did not already have enough on their to-do list, there is one more thing that you absolutely need to do– prohibit phones during the ceremony.

You likely already went out of your way to find the perfect wedding photographer. So, the last thing you want is for your wedding photos to be filled with family members’ iPhones sticking up in the air.

And the California wedding planner @GritAndGraceEventsCo recently shared the best way to ensure no guests use their phones during the ceremony.

“First up, get a sign like this. It is really freaking cute,” she said while sharing a photo of a straightforward wedding poster.

It reads, “We love our photographer. You will too. Put the phone down. (We mean it. Love you.)”

But in case your wedding guests do not get the point, the wedding planner also shared an even more important tip.

“I kid you not– the most effective way is to ask your officiant to announce it before the ceremony starts. It works like a charm,” she finished.

TikTok; pictured above is this professional wedding planner in her video

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