His Girlfriend Kissed A Guy She Works With Who Is Way Older Than She Is And Even Owned Up To Having A Crush On Him

She apparently grabbed onto his neck while this guy held her around the waist. His girlfriend claims to have eventually stopped to say it wasn’t ok for them to be doing.

The thing is, his girlfriend never confessed to him until yesterday, as they recently returned from a vacation and she didn’t want to ruin the mood.

His girlfriend is not truly owning up for her behavior, as she’s placing a lot of blame on him for not giving her enough attention.

He’s struggling with how he can even begin to live his life without his girlfriend in it, and he isn’t sure he wants to dump her over this.

“We have a year left on our lease and two cats who are like children to me,” he said. “I still love her. I want it to work out, but I also feel like maybe I can’t trust her, and maybe she truly wants out but doesn’t have the guts to tell me?”

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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