Indiana Parents Celebrate Their Baby Everly’s 100th Day In The NICU

Indiana teachers and new parents Tyler and Lindsay Staup were expecting their first baby, Everly, to be delivered in June.

Instead, Everly unexpectedly arrived extremely early at only twenty-eight weeks and was met with some health complications.

She was born on March 21 with an annular pancreas and had to undergo surgery to repair her digestive tract only two days later.

Following the surgery, the Staups were informed that Everly would endure an extended stay in the NICU at the Riley Hospital for Children.

Baby Everly has also had to battle chronic lung disease due to being born prematurely.

So while the past few months have been a rollercoaster for the parents, filled with surgeries, chest rubes, and ventilators, the family also recently got to celebrate an exciting milestone– Everly’s one-hundredth day in the NICU.

The teachers each have one hundredth day celebrations at their own schools. So, the pair pulled inspiration from the festivities and decided to throw a party for Everly.

“We thought we could tie in the tradition inside the NICU just to make it fun and joyful. We were like, we have to do something fun– just to bring joy and create memories with her,” Lindsay told Good Morning America in an interview.

Instagram; pictured above is Everly

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