Indiana Parents Celebrate Their Baby Everly’s 100th Day In The NICU

The pair dressed Everly in an adorable yellow tutu, a onesie that said, “Hip Hip Hooray, It’s The 100th Day,” and a glittery-yellow crown fit for a princess.

“We had a big ol’ photo shoot. My mom was the one who designed her onesie,” Lindsay explained.

She and Tyler also wore their own shirts with the same celebratory saying and even decorated the room with balloons.

And this Thursday, baby Everly will be undergoing her final surgery to repair a blockage in her intestines.

Lindsay shared the update in an Instagram post, where she also detailed Everly’s other growth milestones.

“It has been a great week with Ev! Our girl is eleven pounds, and she is really starting to show off her little personality,” Lindsay wrote.

“Her awake times are getting bigger, and she has been so alert! Everly loves her pacifier, and physical touch and quality time are definitely her love languages!”

The mom also asked for prayers as Everly heads into her final operation.

“Please pray that Evie can recover fast! Praying boldly that this will be the last trip to the OR!’ Lindsay added.

To share your well wishes with the Staup family or remain updated on Everly’s journey, you can visit Lindsay’s Instagram account linked here or the family’s joint Instagram account @Team_Everly linked here.

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