This Mom Went Viral After Doing The Splits At Her Father’s Wake

A woman named Talia Richman recently shared a video of her fifty-nine-year-old mom doing a wild party trick at her grandfather’s wake– and the TikTok community is loving it.

At the beginning of the video, her mom– named Linda– was just standing in the corner of the room wearing dress pants, a blouse, and high-heeled leather boots.

Then, out of nowhere, she kicks her leg above her head, does a spin, and slides down into a full split.

“The most lit wake of all time! The last time my mom did the splits was at her mum’s funeral. She said she pulled her hamstring… pleased to report her hammy is intact at this funeral,” Talia captioned her TikTok.

The unexpected and hilarious dance moves caught the TikTok community off guard– gaining the video 1.4 million views, nearly two hundred thousand likes, and countless comments.

“Your mom is iconic. Let me know if she is adopting,” commented one user.

“This is how I want my family to be at my funeral, lol!” wrote a second user.

“When that inheritance hits,” joked a third.

TikTok; pictured above is Talia’s mom in her video

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