A Website For A Dating App Popped Up On Her Computer And Now Her Boyfriend Believes She’s Cheating On Him Even Though She Swears She Never Visited The Website

Afshar Tetyana - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A 23-year-old girl is dating her boyfriend, who is 22, and earlier today, something happened that may have just wrecked their relationship for good.

This morning, she picked up her laptop and opened it up to she could look at her emails. Her boyfriend was right there as she grabbed her laptop, and when she opened up her browser, a different window popped up for a dating app.

She had never seen this website prior to this morning, and she certainly had never visited that website before.

Her boyfriend did not believe her after she mentioned that, and he noticed that this website was somehow saved to the opening tabs on her laptop.

He then accused her of cheating on him, even though she has never done that, let alone thought about doing it.

“Admittedly, I have no clue how to work my MacBook except using a Word document, taking down notes from lectures, and sending emails, and have no clue how it’s got there,” she explained.

“I offered to show him my full search history, but he said I could’ve easily gone on private browsers.”

“I’ve even said I would point blank take a lie detector. I’m absolutely devastated that he would even think I would do such a thing as I’m madly in love with him, but he has been cheated on in the past.”

“He said they can’t just miraculously appear and that I haven’t given him a good enough reason for him to believe I’m innocent; he’s even accused me of meeting up with other people.”

Afshar Tetyana – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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