Her Boyfriend Used To Get His Ex-Girlfriend Expensive Presents All The Time, But Since He Doesn’t Do The Same For Her, She’s Thinking He Loved His Ex More

Look! - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A 29-year-old girl is currently dating her 27-year-old boyfriend, but before they were together, her boyfriend dated his ex for more than 3 years.

She knows that her boyfriend was head over heels in love with his ex, and he went above and beyond for this girl.

“He was madly in love with her – he bought her everything she asked for, showered her with expensive gifts, and went the extra mile with his acts of service,” she explained.

“He prioritized her over his family and over himself, even going on leaves from work just to drive for her.”

“When she cheated on him a year and a half into the relationship, he didn’t confront her. He kept quiet and endured it all, hoping that she would change. He loved her that damned much.”

Now, she does think that her boyfriend is wonderful to her. Her boyfriend is kind, and he has gone out of his way to get to know her loved ones.

Her boyfriend prioritizes her happiness and always tells her to inform him if something is irritating her so he can fix it.

He really is an understanding, upstanding kind of guy, but there’s one big catch here for her.

“But in the 11 months that we’ve been dating, I can count with a single hand how many gifts he’s given me, all of them costing $15 or less,” she said.

Look! – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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