Her Former Best Friend’s Husband Just Passed Away, And She’s Thinking She Should Skip The Funeral

Artem Zatsepilin - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

8 years ago, a woman’s childhood best friend ghosted her out of nowhere. Back then, her best friend was 30-years-old, and her best friend gave her no reason for why she cut her right out of her life.

Looking back on the situation, she can’t nail down a valid explanation for why her best friend decided to go through with this.

They never got into an argument or had something negative happen to lead her best friend to no longer want her to be in her life anymore.

After her best friend went radio silent, she did send her a handful of text messages pleading with her to let her know what had gone wrong and what she could do to fix it.

Despite her attempts to reach out to her best friend, her best friend still refused to speak to her ever again.

“It was traumatic and painful, and I was hurt and sad and angry,” she explained.

“It took several years, but I eventually was able to make peace with the situation. I’m no longer resentful with or angry, but I have no desire to interact with her ever again.”

She does have a second friend from her childhood who has managed to remain close with her best friend, and even though she questioned this friend as to why her best friend dropped her, this other friend had no clue.

She could never tell if this friend was telling the truth about not knowing why her best friend ghosted her, but she felt bad doing anything to jeopardize that existing friendship, so she backed off.

Artem Zatsepilin – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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