His Girlfriend Is On Vacation In Europe With Her Best Friend And Now She’s Active On A Dating App Too

NDABCREATIVITY - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A 25-year-old guy began seeing his 23-year-old girlfriend approximately 3 months ago, and a month into dating her, he made it clear to her that he really wanted to be exclusive and not see other women.

She was on the same page as him, and so they decided to stop seeing other people, and they also decided to delete the dating apps that they had on their phones.

What’s the point of being on one of those apps, after all, if you know you want to be exclusive with someone?

“Fast forward to today,” he explained. “I had only deleted the dating app off my phone and logged back in to permanently delete my profile…when I noticed that she had updated hers.”

“Situation: My girlfriend left on a trip to Europe about a week ago. Her new profile read something like this…”

“My best friend and I are traveling for the next couple of weeks and are looking for fun people, clubs, and bars. Let us know if you want to top our list.”

He is not into the party or club scene, yet his girlfriend really is.

He doesn’t have an issue with his girlfriend wanting to go out with her best friend to bars or clubs while they are in Europe, but he has an enormous problem with his girlfriend broadcasting that on a dating app and using a dating app to meet people.

Prior to his girlfriend leaving for her trip, he mentioned that he would be really unhappy with her if she ended up dancing alone with any guys on vacation.

NDABCREATIVITY – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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