She Found Out That The Guy She’s Been Talking To Is Really A Catfish And She Feels Betrayed

F8 Suport Ukraine - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A girl has been chatting with a guy for more than 6 months now, and although has not yet met him in real life, he has seemed pretty perfect all along and it’s like they have known each other for way longer than a couple of months.

She was supposed to meet up with him for the first time over Labor Day weekend, but now that she knows he’s a catfish, she feels betrayed and she’s second guessing meeting up.

Earlier this month, this guy moved to the same state as her, and 2 days ago was when she figured out that the photo he sent her of himself happened to not be him at all.

“I won’t lie all the warning signs are there for him being a catfish but I guess I was naive and I won’t lie I kind of fell in love with this dude,” she explained.

She believes that they’re so similar and their connection is so strong even if they have never met yet.

As for how she even got to the bottom of his photo being fake, her friend looked up the logo on the shirt he was wearing in the photo and that led her to the exact same photo being from a celebrity’s social media account.

She did confront this guy about sending her a catfish photo, and he confessed that he’s not secure about his appearance.

He then said he thinks he’s not attractive enough to be with someone like her.

“This guy treats me like a queen has giving me money on multiple occasions…but then I found out he was a catfish and now everything is kind of ruined,” she said.

F8 \ Suport Ukraine – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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