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She’s Been Married To Her Husband For Only 2 Weeks And She Just Learned That He’s Been Secretly Spying On Her Female Roommate With A Nanny Cam

“He deleted everything,” she continued. “There was even a file labeled “captured” that was magically empty.”

“He was sitting with me STILL acting like he had no idea what was going on. I say to him, “wow, good job managing to delete all the videos,” as I’m still trying to find a way to magically get these videos back with no idea.”

“I shut the laptop, feeling disgusting and mortified. I take space, and he acts like he did nothing. It’s been 24 hours. He made dinner, and I literally threw it out and left to get food in fear that he would poison me.”

She has not pointed out to her husband that she could see him through the bathroom window looking at the videos he captured on the nanny cam because she’s horrified.

“…I’m both terrified and exhausted,” she added. “I reached out to 5 couples counselors. I didn’t sleep. Sincerely, the mortified wife.”

Do you think this sounds like something counseling can even begin to fix?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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