She’s Trying Out Some Of Audrey Hepburn’s Beauty Tips

The third tip Audrey had? The British actress was religious about sunscreen. So Audrey would put on sunscreen daily and always wear hats in the sun.

Many people are crazy about getting tanned these days, and the vitamin D from sunlight is healthy for the human body. However, unprotected exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays can cause damage to the skin, eyes, and immune system. 

The last tip Erin introduced, but also admitted that she doesn’t have the patience, was to separate each lash before and after putting on mascara. That tip was also introduced by Audrey’s former makeup artist, Alberto de Rossi. Alberto was Audrey’s makeup artist for 25 years.

“Don’t have the time for that,” Erin claimed after trying to separate each of her eyelashes. “I will just drink more water.” Many of Erin’s audience members have been jumping in to reassure her of Audrey’s tips and give some further advice.

“Hiii!! Greek here! We also use it after sunburn. It does miracles, and if it’s cold from the fridge, it’s very soothing!!!” Eva Kryoneriti commented.

“The lactic acid in Greek yogurt is a common exfoliant found in skincare. It makes your skin feel smooooth,” doublebergamot wrote.

Do you follow any of those beauty tips from Audrey? Or have you heard about any other tips that Audrey had used? 

You can watch Erin’s original video here.

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