This Southern California Reptile Zoo Is Home To Some Extremely Rare And Beautiful Species: Here Are A Few You Might Not Know About

Ambush predators, also known as sit-and-wait predators, capture prey using stealthy luring tactics. So, these iguanas will sit and wait until their prey is within range before lunging for the kill.

“And they are kind of crazy looking,” one of The Reptile Zoo’s staff members added.

No. 2: Madagascar Radiated Tortoises

Madagascar radiated tortoises are a beautiful species that can weigh up to twenty-three pounds and live for forty to fifty years!

Unfortunately, though, they are also critically endangered because they are poached for their shells or sold into the illegal pet trade.

But, the Madagascar radiated tortoise currently being cared for by The Reptile Zoo is in great hands. He absolutely loves snacking on bananas and receiving some belly scratches.

“We are super excited to have him here because they are incredibly rare,” one staff member said.

No. 3: Mangrove Snakes

Mangrove snakes are known as one of the most beautiful snake species in the world. But, this animal can also pack a fatal punch.

They are rear-fanged venomous, can grow to be six to seven feet long, and can live to between twelve to twenty years old.

The stunning mangrove snake currently at The Reptile Zoo is a deep black color with vibrant yellow stripes across his body.

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