Viral Video Humorously Highlights The In-Office Annoyances That Many Work-From-Home Employees Are Dreading

According to research conducted by Microsoft earlier this year, about fifty percent of company leaders want their work-from-home employees to return to the office.

But, with employees across the country hoping to hold onto their work-from-home arrangements, leaders might be forced to enforce more stringent conditions– including strict return-to-work policies and possible layoffs for those who do not.

Still, the push for an in-office workforce does not only hurt employees– but can also hurt employers.

The known risk factors for companies include– higher overhead costs, greater spread of illnesses, and potentially lower morale due to the revocation of more flexible work-from-home schedules.

However, other lesser considered and possibly more humorous downsides were also recently brought to light in a now-viral TikTok.

Matthew, a lawyer with a TikTok following of about sixteen thousand people, created the video to discuss a real in-office annoyance that decreases productivity and increases team frustration.

“What I find funny about all of these employers forcing people back into the office is that you are also forcing back the really annoying people,” he began.

Then, Matthew went on to share how annoying he once was as an in-office worker.

TikTok; pictured above is Matthew

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