Her Roommate Started Dating A Guy Who Is Sleeping Over At Their Place A Lot, And She’s Not Sure How To Tell Her Roommate That There’s Not Enough Space For All Of Them In Their Tiny Apartment

Look! - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A 26-year-old woman moved in with her best friend a little more than a year ago, and their apartment is pretty much tiny.

They’ve had a wonderful time being roommates, and they have surprisingly never had a disagreement about a single thing in the time that they have lived together.

Well, that all changed when her roommate started dating a new guy.

Her roommate met this guy (who is 2 years younger than they are) while she was at a bar. Her roommate instantly jumped into a relationship with him, and since her roommate met him, he’s been sleeping over at their place a lot.

Her roommate’s new man spends Friday night, Saturday night, and Sunday night at their apartment, but he also comes over on other days too to spend the night.

He frequently started staying at their apartment either one or two evenings during the week as well. Then, he works out of their apartment, though sometimes he will just go to the office.

“I had no issues initially because my mindset was, “it’s her place too; she can have guests whenever she wants,” she explained.

“Now it’s just starting to feel really crowded. Our apartment is TINY. I want to ask her to have him over three nights a week max and just go to his place if she needs to see him more.”

“However, I can understand how she won’t want to do that as he still lives with his parents, and they haven’t put a label on things yet.”

Look! – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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