Her Sister’s Fiancé Blatantly Lied About The Cost Of Her Engagement Ring, So She Told Her Sister, And Now The Wedding Has Been Called Off

After the pair spoke, though, Lydia found out the ugly truth. Apparently, Seth knew all along that the ring was cheap and just hoped that Lydia would never find out. Yikes!

In turn, Lydia actually ended up breaking off the engagement altogether. Plus, Lydia went to go stay with a friend and has been refusing to speak to Seth.

And even though she thought telling her sister was the right thing to do, her parents are now beyond furious. They believe that she and Katie should have minded their own business and that, by telling Lydia, they completely sabotaged the wedding.

“They also said there is unfair pressure on men to spend a lot of money and that we were being selfish,” she added.

On top of that, many members of her extended family agree with her parents and are painting her and Katie as the villains.

So now, with her entire family against her aside from Lydia– who is just upset that Seth lied– she has begun to wonder if she should have just kept the ring’s true value to herself.

If your sister knew your fiancé had lied to you about something of this magnitude, would you want to know? Is it her fault for telling the truth or Seth’s fault for lying? How would you handle this situation? 

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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