Here’s How You Can Pay Your Respects To The Royal Family In Honor Of The Queen

Florin - - pictured above are details on the Royal Buckingham Palace gate

Just yesterday, Queen Elizabeth II sadly passed away at the age of 96-years-old. She made history as the second-longest reigning monarch, and she ruled for a whopping 70 years.

Queen Elizabeth II first took the throne on February 6th of 1952, after her father, King George VI, passed. She was only 25-years-old when she was named the Queen.

After Queen Elizabeth’s passing, her son Charles was named King, and people gathered at the Royal Residences to leave flowers, cards, and candles in the Queen’s honor.

“The death of my beloved Mother, Her Majesty The Queen, is a moment of the greatest sadness for me and all members of my family,” King Charles III said in a statement.

“We mourn profoundly the passing of a cherished Sovereign and a much-loved Mother.  I know her loss will be deeply felt throughout the country, the Realms and the Commonwealth, and by countless people around the world.”

“During this period of mourning and change, my family and I will be comforted and sustained by our knowledge of the respect and deep affection in which The Queen was so widely held.”

From this point on until 7 days after Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral, there will be a period of Royal Mourning.

The website instructed people on how to leave tributes of flowers for the Queen at the different Royal Residences, and here they are below.

Buckingham Palace

Florin – – pictured above are details on the Royal Buckingham Palace gate

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