Meet Single Vision Inc., The Nonprofit Wildlife Education Facility In Florida That Is Dedicated To Protecting The World’s Exotic Endangered Species

Single Vision Inc. in Melrose, Florida, is a nonprofit wildlife education facility that has been making some serious waves on social media.

After all, just one of the facility’s animal caretakers– who is known as @SafariSammie– has already gained over 4.3 million followers on TikTok from sharing her day-to-day animal interactions and care habits.

But, aside from the lovable videos of adorable hyenas and gorgeous black panthers, the story behind Single Vision’s launch is quite remarkable.

The nonprofit was founded by Carl Bovard, who, at the age of fourteen, was in a tragic accident that took away his sight. And without this sense, Carl was forced to reminisce about what he missed seeing the most.

“I focused on memories of my grandfather’s farm and realized that what I missed seeing the most were animals!” he recalled.

Then, a few months after Carl’s accident in 1985, his vision returned– but only in one eye.

In turn, he conceptualized Single Vision with the goal of conserving some of the world’s most endangered animals while educating the public about the incredible species. But, he needed to get some education and experience himself first.

So, by 1995, Carl graduated with a Biology degree from Indiana University and began his career at Sea World– where he studied animal behavior.

TikTok; pictured above is Tank, one of the big cats at Single Vision

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